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Electric components

http://www.unitek-online.de/ Controllers producer
http://www.piktronik.com/ Controllers producer
http://www.kokam.com/ Battery cells producer
http://www.emsiso.com/ Controllers producer
http://www.sitel.si/ Wind power stations producer
http://www.rec-bms.com/ BMS Battery Management System with Ballancers

Electric planes

http://solar-flight.com/ Solar electric airplane
http://www.pipistrel.si/ Electric double sit glider plane - Taurus
http://www.front-electric-sustainer.com/ Front electric sustainer - LAK 17A
http://www.dg-flugzeugbau.de/ Glider producer - electric sustainer DG 1001


Gliders and ultra light planes

http://www.lak.lt/ Lithuanian modern glider manufacturer
http://www.alexander-schleicher.de/ German glider manufacturer
http://www.stemme.de/ German glider manufacturer
http://www.cessna.com/ Designer and manufacturer of light and midsize business jets, utility turboprops and single engine aircraft
http://www.binder-flugmotorenbau.de/  German glider manufacturer


Sports flying, aeronautical associations and further aircraft internet links

http://www.lzs-zveza.si/ Aeronautical Association of Slovenia
http://www.eaa.org/ Experimental Aircraft Association, USA
http://www.experimental.ch/ Experimental Aviation of Switzerland
http://www.aerokurier.de/ Aerokurier Magazine, Germany
http://www.eaa.org/sportaviation/ EAA Sport Aviation Magazine, USA
http://www.aeromarkt.net/ Aeromarkt Magazine, Germany, Aircraft for Sale – Aircraft wanted
http://www.glidingmagazine.com/ Gliding Magazine, English
http://www.segelfliegen-magazin.de/ Segelfliegen Magazine, Germany
http://www.aero-expo.com/ International Trade Fair for General Aviation - AERO Friedrichshafen
http://www.alc-lesce.si/ Airfield in Lesce - Slovenia
http://www.slovenia.info/                                                      Slovenia travel guide, accommodations, bookings, …





EMRAX motor in Audi / Volkswagen transmission gearEMRAX motor in Audi / Volkswagen transmission gearWe are working on the electric Audi TT project.
Take off Apis EA2 - Kamnik 21.7.2013Take off Apis EA2 - Kamnik 21.7.2013Electric self launch glider plane Apis EA2 with EMRAX motor and EPROP.
Apis EA2 take off, low pass, landing in Lesce - 12th of May 2013Apis EA2 take off, low pass, landing in Lesce - 12th of May 2013Self launch electric glider plane Apis EA2 with EMRAX motor and EPROP.

The Ohio State University's CURRENT Electric Motorcycle TestThe Ohio State University's CURRENT Electric Motorcycle TestThe OSU Electric Motorcycle Team, CURRENT, tests their bike for the first time.

The lightest and the most powerfull electric motor in the world