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EMRAX motors/generators

EMRAX motor is a completely new type of pancake axial flux brushless synchronous three phase AC (Alternating Current) electric motor. It can also work as a generator - technical data are the same - either EMRAX is used as a motor or as a generator.  Firstly the drive was developed for airplane. Therefore our target was to build reliable, low weight, high power direct drive electric motor with high efficiency. The drive was developed and tested by Roman Sušnik, dipl. ing. (company Enstroj) on electric glider airplane Apis EA2, it was also laboratory tested in Piktronik (January 2011), Siemens (May 2012) and Letrika (November 2014) company. In February 2014 thermal tests were performed on EMRAX motors. Motor was exposed to -40°C to +160°C for 17 days (24h/day), this means 408 hours non-stop. EMRAX passed this examination with excellent results, without any damages. 

We achieved our objective and built a high-powered, high torque, extremely light, direct drive, low noise electric motor, which efficiency is up to 98%. Because of the high torque EMRAX engine can achieve high power also at relatively low rotation speeds.

EMRAX allows a gearless drive without the usually essential step-up gear unit which causes power losses, additional weight, complexity and maintenances. The motor has much higher power-to-weight ratio compared to other brushless AC synchronous motors. Mechanical and no load electrical loses are very small, so our motors can run on higher RPM – in this case we can achieve very high motor power (up to 200 kWp). EMRAX can also deliver few times higher torque at higher RPM with some reduction drive. Because of the small internal winding resistance and eddy currents in the motor we achieved a wide range operating at excellent motor efficiency (very low power dissipation).

EMRAX motors are suitable for many applications (EVpower plantsindustrywind and hydro power stations, and more), because they cover a wide range of voltage. Also they are available in 3 different sizes 207, 228 and 268.

NEW: Prototype EMRAX 348 is coming (torque 1000 Nm / 300 kWp at 3000 RPM, weight 41,5 kg, diameter 348 mm, length 107 mm, IP65). First prototype is ready for testing. 

EV conversions:  We have decided to convert standard combustion Audi TT  2.0, 150 kW into electric version. This will also enable us to make more motor tests in EV application. For more information click HERE.

We offer different EMRAX motor types (number in the name means the diameter of the motor in mm):

(High / Medium / Low Voltage)
9,1/9,3 kg; torque 75 Nm continuous / 150 Nm peak; up to 7000 RPMp; 80 kWp

EMRAX 228 
(High / Medium / Low Voltage)
weight 12,0/12,3 kg; torque 125 Nm continuous / 240 Nm peak; up 6500 RPMp; 100 kWp

(High / Medium / Low Voltage)
weight 19,9/20,3 kg; torque 250 Nm continuous / 500 Nm peak; up to 5000 RPMp; 200 kWp

EMRAX motors must be used in accordance with:

emrax manual tn dec 2014 Manual for EMRAX motors - December 2014

File type: PDF

Enstroj gives 1 year warranty if our motor is used in accordance with the Manual for EMRAX motor.

EMRAX patents:

The motors (air and liquid cooled) are patented. 
Patent number is: P-201300384









EMRAX motor in Audi / Volkswagen transmission gearEMRAX motor in Audi / Volkswagen transmission gearWe are working on the electric Audi TT project.
Take off Apis EA2 - Kamnik 21.7.2013Take off Apis EA2 - Kamnik 21.7.2013Electric self launch glider plane Apis EA2 with EMRAX motor and EPROP.
Apis EA2 take off, low pass, landing in Lesce - 12th of May 2013Apis EA2 take off, low pass, landing in Lesce - 12th of May 2013Self launch electric glider plane Apis EA2 with EMRAX motor and EPROP.

The Ohio State University's CURRENT Electric Motorcycle TestThe Ohio State University's CURRENT Electric Motorcycle TestThe OSU Electric Motorcycle Team, CURRENT, tests their bike for the first time.

The lightest and the most powerfull electric motor in the world