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One Man Glider Assembly
(Single Person Rigging Cart - SPRC)

One person needs only 15 minutes to put together the plane in all (from arrive to airfield till take off). The cart is useable for many glider planes with different wing shapes.

One Man Glider Assembly (SPRC) specifications:

  • It can be used for almost all one or two seater glider planes.
  • Remote controlled electric drive system.
  • Lifting weight is 150 kg or even more (tested on Duo Discus, ASH, etc.).
  • Adjustable universal cradle shape for almost all wing shapes - Cradle is suitable for 100 cm wing center line. If using it with adapter (additional support part) it is suitable for 120 cm wing center line.
  • Universal top turning holder (suitable for thin or thick wings). 
  • Cradle is made from fiberglass and has iron construction. 
  • SPRC construction is galvanized.
  • The cradle is adjustable to allow for differences in the fore/after center of gravity (3 positions - 3 x 80 mm holes).
  • Adjustable stopper on the vertical bar allows the cradle to stop at the desired wing angle.
  • Adjustable vertical telescopic lifting prepositions from 62 to 110 cm (useable for planes that have wings on higher position).
  • It weighs 19 kg.
  • It can be simply and quickly disassembled into smaller components - this is convenient for putting SPRC into the underneath compartment of the trailer or in the car boot.
  • One battery charging lasts for one season (app 50x), then it needs to be recharged. Also the electrical extension from the car 12 V with 2,5 mm2 cross-section wire with 5-12 m length.


  • Our NEW developed easier remote controlled system (when you press the button the craddle is moving up/down/left/right and when you release the button it stops).
  • New design.

Testing on Duo Discus:

How to use the One Man Glider Assembly?

  1. Holder for the small wheels must be put paralel (in the same line) to the holder for big wheels whenever moving the cart without the wing on it! Also never push the button if the holder for small wheels is paralel to the holder for big wheels! 
  2. Take the position next to the glider fuselage and pull out the holder for small wheels, which has to be perpendicular to the holder for big wheels. Cradle must be in a vertical position.
  3. Pull out the wing from the trailer and put it on the cradle considering the center of the wing gravity. Lift the wing from the spar and secure the wing clamp.
  4. Wheel the wing away from the fuselage and rotate the wing to a horizontal position. 
  5. Position the wing perpendicular to the fuselage and insert the spar. You may need to make lateral and vertical adjustments (24 x 24 cm) using remote control electronic drive jack on the sliding axle to properly fit the wing to the fuselage. (adjustable lifting high – from 62 cm up to 110 cm) 
  6. Place the wing stand under the wingtip and move the cart to the opposite side of the fuselage. 
  7. Repeat the procedure with the other wing.  

How to use the electronic drive?

The assembly with a rigging cart and remote control electronic drive system is very simplified and easy to fit the wing into the fuselage.
You can correct both of axis (24x24 cm)/9,4 x 9,4 inch/ from wherever you hold the wing. Two 12 V reduction drive electromotors drive the both axes. The battery is 12 V; 7,2 Ah.

Four channel remote control (RC) system
The remote control has four buttons (up – down, left – right). When you push and hold the button – the motor starts to move one of the axis to the desired position. When you release the button the motors stops. If you forget to stop the motor it stops automatically at the end of the end position on the axis.

Main Technical Information

  • Battery: DC (7,2 Ah; 12 V)
  • Working voltage: 12 V
  • Working temperature: -40ºC - +80ºC
  • Working frequency: EU, USA
  • Output voltage: 12 V, DC
  • Max load current: 6 A
  • Fuse: 6,3 A

Note: The main switch on the CB (control box) must be OFF, when the rigging cart is not in use. If the switch is not switched off manualy, it switches OFF after half hour automatically. So after that if you want to switch it ON again you need to reswitch the main switch.

NEW Video: How does One Man Glider Assembly work?

It takes only 15 minutes to assemble glider plane (including quick motor test) with Single Person Rigging Cart (One Man Glider Assembly). Original video (no editing from the beginning to end).

- Enstroj CART____________________________________________________________________________ 1.190,00 €.

- Enstroj CART adapter for dipper center line of the wings___________________________________ 90,00 €.

- Enstroj Wing Stand_________________________________________________________________________ 90,00 €.

Prices exclude VAT.
We ship worldwide.

Main Battery: DC (7,2 Ah; 12 V) Standard batery - it the same type as the sailplane are using. (FIAMM, Panasonic ..)

*We don't add the battery to the Enstroj Cart anymore, because the weight of the battery (it ia app. 2 kg). So the shipping price for the package is higher than battery cost.  In this case - buy the battery by yourself. It is a standard 12V Pb battery. The shipping package is lighter now and also the shipping is cheaper.  In the package you will receive short instructions how to connect the battery with the Cart.





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