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New EMRAX 3000 RPM at 300 Vdc

High powered EMRAX motors are becoming very popular.

We have received many questions about the motor, but the most frequent has been: “Can the motor be rotated at higher RPM?” Because many costumers wanted to buy motor with higher RPM, we decided to make some improvements on the motor. Now the motor can rotate up to 3000 RPM at the same torque as the previous motor, which rotated at 2000 RPM. The motor can also give more power (60 kW for 1 minute, 33 kW continuous).
For these motors we used better materials and new technology, so the price is 20% higher.
In comparison with the old motor the new motor uses 20% less current at no load application –  also efficient is better.
Till now we have made some no load tests with this motor as generator to get informations about looses at 1600 RPM and to compare them with the old ones. In this case motor torque is 1,6 Nm. This means 270 W of looses (eddy curents, mechanical friction and ventilation).
In Autumn 2011 we are planning to test standard EMRAX motor up to 400 Vdc to get app. 4000 RPM at the same torque (120 Nm continious/200 Nm 2 min) - so we expect app. 80 kW for 2 minute. 

About the controller for EMRAX motors:
We have made some motor load tests in company Piktronik with SAC41 controller. Many load tests on air cooled EMRAX motors have been made on glider plane Electric Apis EA1 and on EA2.
In the future we can not do the tests on the plane any more, so we decided to make a proof stand for engine load testing (motor / generator / batteries / 2 controllers).
We expect that we will make some deal with company Piktronik – producer of controllers. After that we will be able to sell complet systems (motors & controllers). We hope that this will be in January 2011.
We are searching some other options for the controller – we have found  also the  UNITEK GmbH controller which suitability to EMRAX motors we are researching now.
Here are some other options too: SEVCON controller, than SEMIKRON SKAI igbt or  mosfet series, RMS controllers, MES-dea, Elmo, etc.
Also we are developing our new ENSTROJ & SONIS controller which is under testing now. We can’t say the date when will be ready this one for sale, because the controllers must be tested many times under many different conditions.





EMRAX motor in Audi / Volkswagen transmission gearEMRAX motor in Audi / Volkswagen transmission gearWe are working on the electric Audi TT project.
Take off Apis EA2 - Kamnik 21.7.2013Take off Apis EA2 - Kamnik 21.7.2013Electric self launch glider plane Apis EA2 with EMRAX motor and EPROP.
Apis EA2 take off, low pass, landing in Lesce - 12th of May 2013Apis EA2 take off, low pass, landing in Lesce - 12th of May 2013Self launch electric glider plane Apis EA2 with EMRAX motor and EPROP.

The Ohio State University's CURRENT Electric Motorcycle TestThe Ohio State University's CURRENT Electric Motorcycle TestThe OSU Electric Motorcycle Team, CURRENT, tests their bike for the first time.

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